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Instrumentation resources are indispensable tools for supporting basic scientific research. Since the establishment of the Center, we have integrated to establish a mechanism and platform for sharing equipment in the spirit of sharing academic resources, with the hope of promoting and managing instrument resources to support our faculty and students in advanced research fields. In addition to the quantified increase of instrument resources and services, the future direction of the Center is to improve the quality of service contents and to build cutting-edge instrument services, so that the function of sharing instruments to support research can reach a higher level.

After the merger of the university on February 1st, 2021, the National Yang Ming University Instrumentation Resource Center and the National Chiao Tung University Precious Instrument Center were integrated to establish the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Instrumentation Resource Center.

The center is divided into basic research core facilities (formerly precious instruments) of the National Science and Technology Council (referred to as NSTC) and common instruments in the campus according to the implementation of business, of which the common instruments are divided into Yang-Ming campus and Chiao-Tung campus.


NSTC Basic Research Core Facility
Execute the common use service plan of the basic research core facilities of the National Science Council. The instruments managed can be divided into six precious instrument groups in the field of cutting-edge services, nanometer field, chemical field, material field, physical field and biological science field according to the performance and service objects , currently a total of 29 instruments provide external services.

Common Instruments of YM Campus
At present, it manages 12 sets of imaging core facilities, 8 sets of flow cytometer core facilities, 3 sets of mass spectrometer facilities, and 98 sets of general instruments; there are also 14 sets of external instruments, which are operated by each management unit.

Common Instruments of CT Campus
The university is actively promoting the purchase of equipment over $3 million and equipment subsidized by the Higher Education Development Program to join the operation of common instrumentation. There are currently 26 common instruments in the Chiao Tung campus. The operation of these instruments adopts the principle of self-sufficient, and all proceeds from external services are returned to each instrument management unit for use.

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