Nano photoelectric measurement system EL system

Jiaotong University campus, common instruments, electrical measurement, Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronic probe station system, users inside and outside the campus can use entrusted test pieces to obtain the service of this instrument; it is charged for use during working hours on weekdays, and it is not open at night and on holidays; the location of the instrument : Tianjiabing Photoelectric Building R311

Liquid helium-free dilution refrigeration system

Jiaotong University Campus, Common Instrument, Oxford, Triton 300, this instrument is only open to the person in charge of the instrument and the technicians of the laboratory; it is charged for use during work hours on weekdays, and is not open at night and on holidays; instrument location: Room 006, Science Hall 3

Atomic Force Microscope VT-SPM


# Jiaotong University Campus, Japan SII Nanotechnology Inc. SPA-300HV, can be operated by oneself or by professionals, charges are used, instrument location: Room 009, Science Hall 3 (Department of Electronics and Physics)

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