Common Instruments

It includes imaging core facilities, flow cytometry core facilities, general instruments, escrow instruments, and common instruments with Jiaotong University campus.

Cold Fluorescence Image Analysis Software IQTL

iqtl 8.1

ImageQuant TL8.1, matters needing attention: 1. This IQTL software is a ten-person network authorized version. In order not to affect the rights and interests of other users, you must leave the program after the analysis is completed, so that other users can log in and use it. 2. If you cannot log in, it means that the number of users is full, please be patient and log in again later.

[Yangming Campus] Core Facility Service Statement Appreciation Principles

Thank you for using the National Yangming Jiaotong University Instrument Resource Center - Yangming Campus - Flow Cytometry Core Facilities, Imaging Core Facilities Services and Mass Spectrometry Core Facilities. Your feedback and encouragement are the biggest driving force for us to continue to improve and improve service quality. . If the school's instrument service is really helpful to your experimental results and thesis writing, please do not hesitate to mention the contribution of the school's instruments or personnel services in the text of the paper, experimental methods, acknowledgments or the author.

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