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Capillary Electrophoresis – Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
CE – QToF & CE alone

  • Brand model: SCIEX CESI8000 & Waters QTOF G2-XS
  • Instrument Location: Room 647, 6th Floor, Tuzi Building
  • Management unit:YM Campus Mass Spectrometer Facility
  • Manager:Mass Spectrometer Facility Specialist
    Ext.: (02) 2826-7382
  • Qualifications for use: certification system / assisted by a commissioner to board the machine
    You need to read the instrument operation instruction on the computer or have attended the education and training course first, and make an appointment with the administrator to teach how to use the instrument before you can obtain the qualification to use the instrument.
  • Reservation >>> Instrument Resource Center Reservation System

1. Brand and model: SCIEX CESI 8000 Plus System & Waters QTOF G2-XS

2. CESI 8000 Plus system functions and uses:

  1. The instrument is connected in series with QTOF, combining the high separation efficiency of capillary electrophoresis and the advantages of high resolution and high sensitivity of high-resolution mass spectrometer to become a high-performance analysis platform.
  2. It can also be used as an independent capillary electrophoresis instrument, with ultraviolet and visible light detectors for detection.
  3. It provides an analysis platform for trace precious samples, and the required injection volume can be as low as 6uL.
  4. The tandem mass spectrometer is equipped with the unique OptiMS cartridge of the original factory, and uses a single continuous capillary as the separation channel, so there is no dead body.

3. The provision of analysis services includes (mainly analysis by tandem mass spectrometer, CE alone is negotiable)

  • Quantitative experiments—quantitative analysis of known small organic molecules (metabolites) in a sample compared to a standard.
  • Qualitative experiments - confirm the mass and fragmentation mode of different small molecules (metabolites) in the sample to be tested.

[Note] This instrument adopts the certification system or is operated by a special person.

one, reservation regulations

**If you need a tandem mass spectrometer (QTOF), please make an appointment at QTOF**

  • Before use, please go to the "Instrument Reservation System" of the Instrument Resource Center to make an appointment. The person making the appointment must be the actual user.
  • Be sure to register the start and end times in the paper record book after use. The start time is the start time registered in the instrument reservation system, and the end time is based on the actual end of use time (including system recovery and cleaning time).
  • Appointment operation time, each person can make an appointment up to 6 times a week, up to 48 hours a week. If it is necessary to increase the analysis time, the use time can be extended without affecting other appointments.
  • Registration for use or cancellation of appointments must be completed in the instrument reservation system before 17:00 on the day before use; new appointments or temporary cancellations of appointments on the day are not accepted.
  • The normal operation period for self-operators is from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm from Monday to Thursday. Friday is the period for center staff to maintain, adjust and develop new analysis items. Self-operated appointments are not open. Please contact the instrument management for special needs member.
  • For overnight and holiday use rights, the user must use it 6 times on weekdays, and it will be opened with the consent of the administrator, and please contact the administrator first for holiday reservations.
  • For overnight use, the initial setting, instrument adjustment, and running analysis must be completed before 17:00 on the same day.
two, Instructions for sample consumables
  • Self-operated or ask someone to do it for you. Applicants must prepare their own analytical solvents, columns, capillaries, sample bottles and other related consumables.
  • Be sure to perform purification steps such as high-speed centrifugation, protein removal, and filtration before analyzing samples to avoid damage to the mass spectrometer.
three,Experimental data
  • Be sure to do it before analyzing the sample on the machine to avoid damage to the mass spectrometer.
  • The experimental data is temporarily stored in the computer of the mass spectrometer, and the experimental data is saved for 3 months and then deleted. During this period, if the computer fails, the center is not responsible for data storage.
  • Users are required to prepare formatted hard drives to access analysis data. Do not arbitrarily insert unformatted hard disks. If the instrument computer is damaged, you must bear the responsibility for maintenance.

If the mass spectrometer is damaged due to poor sample preparation or improper human operation, it will be handled in accordance with the "Administrative Rules for the Open Use of Instruments of the Yangming Campus of the Instrument Resource Center of National Yangming Jiaotong University".

If you have other questions, please call us.

【Certification Process】

  • A maximum of 2 personnel in the laboratory can apply for certification. If there is a need for excess personnel, please submit an additional application to the administrator.
  • If the user has not used it for more than 3 months after obtaining the certification, he must reapply to the administrator for additional certification exams.
  • If the user is not authenticated or uses another person's account to make an appointment, the user's permission to use the laboratory will be closed for one month.

After the management unit has issued the receipt certificate and calculated the price, go to the cashier's office of the school to pay the fee and present the receipt for the follow-up analysis service.

【CE-MS Charge Standard】 (Unit: NTD)

service itemsTeachers and studentsEducational cooperationOff-campus units
Mass spectrometer on-board standard sample (for certification exam)500 yuan/piece750 yuan / piece1000 yuan/piece
CE-QTOF start-up fee – Only for technicians2000 yuan/time3000 yuan/time4000 yuan/time
CE-QTOF & CE alone instrument usage fee – Only for technicians3000 yuan/piece4500 yuan/piece6000 yuan/piece
CE-QTOF instrument usage fee – limitCertified Do-It-Yourself1000 yuan/hour1500 yuan/hour2000 yuan/hour
CE alone instrument usage fee – limitCertified Do-It-Yourself500 NTD/hour750 yuan/hour1000 yuan/hour
. The operation of technicians is calculated based on the number of samples. Each model and analysis mode are charged at the same price. Each sample is analyzed in three repetitions.
. Self-operated operation is calculated in hours. If it is less than one hour, it will be calculated and billed in one hour; the billing time includes system preparation, instrument adjustment, sample analysis, washing time between samples, and cleaning of the system after the analysis. time.

【Analysis of preferential plans】

Accumulated usage amount (NTD)Rebate discount amount (NTD)
. In order to promote the use of mass spectrometers, the usage amount of related services of mass spectrometer facilities will be rewarded when a certain threshold is reached.
. The usage amount of the current year will be counted in December each year and shall not be accumulated across years; the feedback will be deducted from the usage fee.
. The reward is limited to the service fee provided by the mass spectrometer facility, with no limit on the period of use, and cannot be transferred, discounted in cash or used in other units.

Payment process description

  1. Payment at the counter: Please take this notice to the first floor of the administration building of Yangming Campus or the cashier group of the joint office on the first floor of Chuanjia Campus to pay the fee
  2. Project Transfer: Requisition System/Project Fund (please select for payee details: Internal Transfer); and click here to download"School Unit Fund Transfer Application Form (Public Equipment Usage Fee)", and send it to the Instrument Resource Center in official documents; for details, see[Description of how to transfer funds to the school plan]
  3. Remittance: Due to the administrative work of the school, please call the center on the day of remittance, and return the remittance details (the last five codes of the remittance account, the amount, etc.) to the center mailbox by email. You can pick it up in person at the center or provide a delivery address.
    • Account Name: National Yangming Chiao Tung University 403 special account
    • Financial Institution: Yushan Bank (Bank Code: 808) Tianmu Branch (Branch Code: 0163)
    • Account number: 0163 9510 00028
  • Please note that the payer for opening the receipt should be written as the host of the laboratory, so as not to be unable to write off the account.
  • The usage is counted every two months. Bills are issued on the 11th of odd-numbered months, and progressive billing is adopted. Overdue bill barcodes will automatically expire.
  • For those who are in arrears, the center reserves the right to suspend the right to use the laboratory until payment is made.
  • Contact number: 62382;

YM Campus Mass Spectrometer Facility Contact us

Dr. Chen-Chung Liao
Extension 67382 / Room 648, 6th Floor, Library, Information & Research Building

Ms. Pei-Hsuan Huang
Extension 67382 / Room 648, 6th Floor, Library, Information & Research Building

Ms. Jie-Ling Li
Extension 67382 / Room 648, 6th Floor, Library, Information & Research Building

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