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Liquid helium-free dilution refrigeration system

  • Cryofree dilution refrigerator system, Dilution refrigerator
    Brand: Oxford, Triton 300
  • Instrument expert: Professor Luo Shuncong
    ext 56130
  • Instrument Operating Technician:
  • Instrument location: Room 006, Science Hall 3
Cryofree dilution refrigerator system

Instrument brand, model, purchase period

  • Label: Oxford
  • Model: Triton 300
  • Purchase period: July 2020

Important Specifications

  • Minimum reachable temperature: 10 mK (system temperature)
  • Maximum reachable magnetic field: plus or minus 12 T

service items
Low temperature and high magnetic field quantum material/component/circuit measurement

Opening hours

  1. Monday to Friday: 9:00~12:00; 13:30~17:00
  2. Night and Saturday and Sunday: closed

System open level

  1. Normal working hours: Class D
  2. Night and Holiday Periods: Closed
System open level description
Delegate operationDelegate operationDo it yourselfDo it yourself
Chargesacademic unitManufacturers and research unitsacademic unitManufacturers and research units
Start-up cooling feeNT$3,000NT$5,000not opennot open
Measurement executionNT$500/hourNT$1,000/hournot opennot open
Special needsOther termsOther termsnot opennot open

Note: Academic units refer to colleges and universities.

Management and usage:

  1. This instrument is mainly based on academic research and supplemented by service. And because the sample cooling and rewarming process is time-consuming and lengthy, it is necessary to have a perfect plan and cooperation policy.
  2. If the sample is damaged during the measurement process, we will not be responsible for it. Please evaluate the stability and quantity of the relevant samples by yourself.
  3. The samples to be tested must be discussed and arranged with the person in charge of the instrument one month before.

Instructions for application of instrument training operation: This is only open to the person in charge of the instrument and the technicians of the laboratory.

Instrument operation appointment:

  • Prof. Luo Shuncong TEL: 03-5712121 #56130
  • Wang Jinde TEL: 03-5712121 #56199
  • Classmate Zhou Yuan TEL: 03-5712121 #56199

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This article was last updated on March 3, 2023

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