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Nano photoelectric measurement system

  • Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronic probe station System, EL System
  • Instrument expert: Professor Guo Haozhong
    Ext. 56333
  • Instrument Operation Technician: Li Ziyi classmate
    Ext. 56354
  • Instrument location: R311, Tianjiabing Optoelectronics Building

Instrument brand, model, purchase period

serial numberWork projects
Power Supplier1. LDP-38-120V
2. KEITHLEY 2420
3. SpikeSafe 400 SMU
2. EE2051-025-NIR1
light detector1. PD300R-UV
integrating sphere1. 3P-LPM-060-SLentrance port size: 1.5 inch
2. Si Detector (SDA-050-U-RTA-CX): with 800-1000nm @1nm calibration file;
Max. power range: 0.1-20W laser with up to 160 divergent angle SMA connector for fiber
  • Purchase period: 2021

Important Specifications

  • Application: nanoelectronic and photoelectric probe test system
    1. The light receiving range of the spectrometer includes the blue light band to the ultraviolet light band.
    2. A light receiving system capable of receiving small light signals with a wide input current range (nA / µA – 10 A).
    3. The mode of the high-precision probe is divided into a stepping mode (Stepping Mode) and a scanning mode (Scanning Mode), both of which can respectively perform (<50 nm / <1.5 nm) displacement analysis capabilities.

service items
pn Junction, LIV currve measurement

Opening hours

  1. Monday, Tuesday, Friday morning session (9:00-12:00)
  2. Night and Holiday Periods: Closed

System open level

  1. Normal working hours: Class D
  2. Night and Holiday Periods: Closed
System open level description
Delegate operationDelegate operation
Chargesacademic unitManufacturers and research units
On-campusNT$400 /hour
off-campusNT$600 /hourNT$1,200 /hour

Note: Academic units refer to colleges and universities.

Management and usage:

  • Users inside and outside the school can obtain the service of this instrument by entrusting the test piece

Instrument operation appointment:

  • Please contact the instrument operating technician

Contact person:

  • Instrument expert: Professor Guo Haozhong
  • Instrument Operation Technician: Student Li Ziyi

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