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Brain function neuroimaging system

  • Brain Function Imaging System, BFIS
    Functional near-infrared spectrometer
    Brand Model: NirX, NirScout
    EEG magnifier
    labelModel: Compumedics, Neuroscan NuAmp
  • Instrument expert: Professor Ke Liwei
    Ext. 54341
  • Instrument Operation Technician: Wu Yuqi classmate
    Ext. 54413
  • Instrument reservation:Wu Yuqi classmate,Su Zhenghua classmate
    Ext. 54413
  • Instrument Location: Room 808, Building 5, Engineering

This instrument consists of two parts: functional near-infrared spectrometer and electroencephalogram magnifier

Instrument brand, model, purchase period
  • Brand: NirX
    Model: NirScout
    Purchase period: 2012/11/06
  • Label: Compumedics
    Model: Neuroscan NuAmp
    Purchase period: 2004/05/18
Important Specifications
  • Functional near-infrared spectrometer
SourceNSC 8*16 / 8*8 LED sources
Source Wavelengths760nm & 850nm
Detection SensorSilicon Photodiode (SiPD)
Detector Sensitivity< 1 pW
Sampling Rate2.5 – 100 Hz
Temperature Range10 – 40 C (operating)
  • EEG magnifier
Analog inputs40 unipolar (bipolar derivations can be computed)
Sampling frequencies125, 250, 500, 1000 Hz per channel, software selectable for all channels
A/D resolution22 bits
Full scale input range±130mV
InterfaceUniversal Serial Bus (USB),

service items

service itemsService ContentUse a school
Near-infrared brain activity measurement    Measurement and analysis of subjects' brain activity in static experiments using near-infrared devicesNeuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology
EEG brain activity measurementUsing an electroencephalogram (EEG) imaging device to measure and analyze the brain activity of subjects in a static experimentneuroscience, cognitive science

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-18:00

System open level
1. General working hours: Class A
2. Night and holiday period: not open

System open level description


Self-operated chargesAcademic Units (Universities and Colleges)Manufacturers and research units
Near-infrared brain activity measurementNT$500/hourNT$500/hour
Observation of brain activity of limb movementNT$500/hourNT$500/hour

Instrument usage regulations:

  1. The use of this equipment can only be used after making an appointment and confirmation with the instrument operating technician one week in advance.
  2. Each time the system is used, it should be confirmed whether the instrument system is normal. After use, it should be registered in the use register. If there is any problem, the instrument administrator should be notified immediately to avoid disputes over the use of the instrument and clarify the attribution of responsibility.
  3. The applicant is responsible for restoring the instrument and turning off the power after use, and can leave only after confirmation by the management staff.
  4. For those who violate the above norms and still cooperate after verbal warnings, the administrator may suspend the use of the employee according to the circumstances.

Instrument operation appointment

Please make reservations for this instrument through the following personnel

NameEmailOn-campus extension
Wu Yuqitigerwu1227ssl@gmail.com54413

This article was last updated on August 7, 2023

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