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transmission electron microscope

  • Transmission Electron Microscope
    Brand Model: JEOL JEM-2000EX II
  • Instrument location:Laboratory Building 2F. Room B115
  • Management unit:Teacher Zheng Qiongjuan from the Anatomy Institute of Yangming Campus
    On-campus extension 67072
  • Manager: The person in charge of the electro-display room
    • Yu Yuying technician(On-campus extension 65455)
    • He Shuli Technician(On-campus extension 65235)
  • Qualification: Please contact Ms. Yu (ext. 65455), the person in charge of the TV room.
    For on-campus reservations, please contact the person in charge of the instrument first.
  • Reservation >>> Instrument Reservation System

Transmission Electron Microscope – TEM It has high resolution capability, the image resolution can reach 0.14nm, and the magnification is more than one million times, which is much superior to the general image observation and analysis tools, and is widely used in material analysis. Including microstructure analysis, micro-area composition analysis, process analysis, failure analysis, and observation of internal structure and tissue analysis defects of biomedical test pieces of materials such as semiconductors, metals, ceramics, etc.

  • All the staff of the school (including the President) who have their needs in research or teaching and who meet any of the following conditions can apply for use:
    • Those who have used the same type of electron microscope and whose operating techniques have been approved by the person in charge of the electron microscope room or technicians.
    • Those who have experience in the use of different types of electron microscopes, are familiar with the operation after assistance, and have their technology approved by the person in charge of the electron microscope room or technicians.
    • Those who are familiar with the operation through training courses and whose techniques are approved by the person in charge of the electron microscope room or technicians.
  • If the off-campus personnel want to use the electron microscope or related instruments, they must check whether the on-campus personnel have enough time to use it, and apply to the person in charge of the electron microscope room.
  • If the machine is damaged due to improper use, the director of the laboratory is responsible for it.
  1. Those who meet the qualifications for use should first understand the instrument settings and the overview of the working environment, and then make an appointment online.
  2. When users use each instrument for the first time, they will be assisted by relevant technical personnel to avoid operation errors and troubles
  3. If the user has any technical difficulties when using each instrument later, please notify the technician immediately, and do not attempt to operate it by yourself.
  4. Each instrument is accompanied by simple and clear operating procedures and precautions. Please operate and use according to the procedures. Do not turn (press) the button switch without instructions. Please do not try to turn it by yourself.
  5. When using JEOL JEM-2000EX II, please bring your own CD-ROM to store the experimental data
  6. Specimens used in research experiments, please keep or clean up by yourself, and do not leave them on the work surface to avoid contamination or discarding
  7. After use, please notify the technician, and follow the instructions, return everything to its original position, and record any related matters.
  8. When publishing papers, users should mention "Support of Electron Microscopy Facility in National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University" or This work was supported in part by the Electron Microscopy Facility in National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University.

These rules are adopted and implemented by the meeting of the Electron Microscope Use Management Committee, and the same is true for amendments.

on MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
morning sessionTechnician on board VTechnician on board VV
afternoon sessionVVVV V
V: Authenticators can make an appointment to operate the computer by themselves
  • Every Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, except for the above time (for technicians to bring new users on the machine), certified persons are open to make reservations for self-operation and use (EDS, 3D Tomography by technicians operation), each user uses 4 hours per week as the principle.
  • On Wednesday, if there is no reservation for off-campus users, on-campus TEM users will be allowed to access the computer.
  • The time of use is by appointment and registration, please go toInstrument Resource Center websiteMake an appointment. If you have any questions, please call us at the campus extension 65455 (Technician Yu Yuying) or 65235 (Technician He Shuli).
  • After making an appointment, if you cannot use it for some reason, please be sure to cancel the reserved slot on the Internet the day before. If there is no user for two consecutive reservations, the right to use will be suspended for two months.
  • The use of the electron microscope and other related instruments, the maintenance of the required related instruments and the consumption of materials will be shared by the users. The charging standards are as follows:
    • TEM machine (JEOL JEM-2000EXII): NT$400/hour
    • If the test time is less than one hour, it will be charged for one hour; for those who do not cancel the appointment time for any reason and fail to arrive on the same day, the first hour fee will be charged.
    • Ultra-thin sections of TEM specimens: NT$3,000 for each specimen in the school teacher’s research project (4 copper grids for each specimen, excluding dyeing.)
    • Using an ultramicrotome: Please bring your own glass strips for preparing glass knives, or NT$360 for each strip.
  • If the machine is damaged due to improper use, the director of the laboratory is responsible for it.

Electron room equipment

  1. JEOL JEM-1400plus Transmission Electron Microscope
  2. JEOL JEM-2000EXII Transmission Electron Microscope
  3. JEOL JSM-7600F Ultra High Resolution Thermal Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
  4. JFC-1200 Auto Fine Coater Gold Plating Machine (Gold)
  5. JFC-1600 Auto Fine Coater Gold Plating Machine (Platinum)
  6. Vacuum Evaporator (JEE-400)
  7. Tousimis PVT-3B, Tousimis PVT-3D Critical Point Dryer
  8. Leica EM UC7 Ultramicrotome

TV room service items

  1. TEM (JEOL JEM-1400plus) computer operation and photography, EDS elemental analysis, 3D Tomography (3D image reconstruction time will be arranged separately)
  2. TEM (JEOL JEM-2000EXII) computer operation and photography
  3. SEM (JEOL JSM-7600F) computer operation and photography
  4. Critical point drying, platinum plated, gold plated
  5. ultrathin section
on MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
morning sessionJEM-2000 EXII
(Old TEM machine)
(New TEM machine)
(Old TEM machine)
(New TEM machine)
(New TEM machine)
afternoon sessionJSM-7600F
CPD critical point drying JEM-1400plus
(New TEM machine) Off-campus
(SEM) Off-Campus
The above time is for technicians to bring new users on the machine to operate

This article was last updated on January 9, 2023

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