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Super-resolution fluorescence microscope with living cell culture system
Zeiss Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM2

  • Super-Resolution Microscope with Lattice SIM2 and Incubation System
  • Instrument location: Room 617, 6th Floor, Tuzi Building
    ext 66185
  • Person in charge: Yangming CampusImage Core Facility Specialist
  • Qualification: Certification
    • Can apply for the certification exam only after attending the course of introduction to principles and instruments, having experience in confocal, and being taught by a commissioner on actual machine operation.
    • Only those who pass the certification exam and operate more than 5 times (inclusive) during the daytime can make an appointment.
  • (promo price) 1,300 yuan per hour for on-campus use, please refer to the charging standard for off-campus use
  • Reservation >>> Instrument Reservation System
    Please fill in the first time useSample Information Questionnaire, to be confirmed by the commissioner.
microscope system
Fully Motorized Inverted Microscope Axio Observer 7 SP
With Piezo xyz-stage
objective lens
10X (Apotome)
20X (Apotome)
40X oil (Apotome)
63X oil (SIM)
100X oil (TIRF)
Laser wavelength
Laser (nm)
405, 488, 561, 642
observation mode
Observation Methods
► Apotome
►Lattice SIM
fluorescent filter
Emission Filter
Eyepiece observation: Filter set 77 HE GFP + mRFP + Alexa 633 shift free
Image capture:
Position 3: EF LBF 405/488/561/642
Position 4: BP 420-480 / BP 495-550 / LP 655
Position 5: EF BP 495-550/BP 570-620
Position 6: BP 420-480/LP 655
camera equipment
Live Cell Culture System
Live-cell Incubation
Full hood and small live cell culture system with temperature, humidity and CO2control module
The small living cell culture system is erected on the stage, and the carbon dioxide stable control concentration range is 0.0% to 10.0% (±0.1%), suitable for 35mm culture dishes and 76x26mm culture dishes with NO.1.5 (0.17mm) glass coverslips on the bottom standard slides.
If you want to use the living cell system, please call the administrator before making your first appointment.
With Definite Focus 2 auto focus maintaining system image software.
video software
►Super-resolution module: SIM, SIM2 module
►Offline computer workstation is available for image processing and analysis

1. Coverslip

  • We recommend using high-precision cover glasses with thickness no. 1.5 to prepare the samples.
    • Zeiss 474030-9010-000 Decckläser 1,5H hi 100002240928 QS; Thickness no 1 ½ , high-performance 18 mm x 18 mm, 0.170 +/- 0,005 mm
    • Marienfeld Superior:
      • 18×18 mm (Cat.No. 0107032).22×22 mm (Cat.No. 0107052).
      • round with 18 mm diameter (Cat.No. 0117580).
  • Fix your cells according to your preferred protocol.
  • Please make sure that the cover slip is centered on the glass slide, in order to fit in our samples holder.
  • For glass-bottom petri dishes and multi-well plates see:

2. Mounting Media

  • Suggested Hardening media:
    • ProLong™ Glass Antifade Mount P36980 RI 1.52
    • ProLong™ Gold Antifade Mount   P36930 RI 1.46
  • As it is a hardening media, you may also notice it can somewhat flatten samples.
  • Do not use mounting media that include DAPI.
  • Concerning the Refractive index (RI) of the mounting medium, prepare the slides at least 2 days before imaging. Allowing the sample to have sufficient time for curing mounting media and sealant. (2–8°C)
  • The following Aqueous(Non-Hardening) Mounting liquid media also works, despite having a lower refractive index. SlowFadeGold /Diamond RI of 1,42. VectaShield H-1000. RI of 1,44

3. Fluorescent Labels for SR-SIM

All common types of organic dyes usually conjugated to antibodies or fluorescent proteins are suitable to be used for SR-SIM. For multicolor samples the fluorophores should be selected for minimal spectral overlap to avoid crosstalk.

  • 405nm (50mW),
  • 488nm (100mW),
  • 561nm (100mW),
  • 642nm (150mW)

Note: Cytosolic or other non-specific fluorescent protein expression (eg GFP) will result in staining of extended areas. Since well-defined structures are missing to interfere with the grid pattern, modulation contrast will be low and the final image will lack high resolution information.

*This machine adopts the certification system*

Can apply for the certification exam only after taking the principle and instrument introduction course, having confocal computer experience, and being taught by the commissioner on the actual machine operation, After passing the certification exam, those who have to operate more than 5 times (inclusive) during the daytime can have appointment and access control authority. Each person can make a maximum of 4 appointments within a two-week period, with a maximum of 4 hours per session.

  • Reservation rules:
    • Please fill in the first time useSample Information Questionnaire, to be confirmed by the commissioner.
    • Please go to the instrument center before use"Instrument Reservation System"To make an appointment, the person who makes the appointment must be the actual user (it is not allowed to use other people's certificates to enter and exit).
    • The instrument must be cleaned and shut down after use, and the registration book must be filled out in detail. The start time is the appointment time, and the end time is based on the actual end-of-use time.
    • Do not delay boarding time or occupy other people's time.
    • Please confirm before 16:30 on the previous working day at the latest. Late changes will be regarded as violations and will not be accepted.
    • It is not possible to cancel the reservation on the same day. If the reservation time is less than half an hour, it will be regarded as a waiver.
 Monday to Fridayweekend
all dayRestricted to certified operators for registration and usetemporarily closed

If there is a need for long-term live cell shooting, please call the instrument manager to assist in making an appointment

special optical microscopeSuper-resolution imaging system with living cell culture device
model(Z) Elyra 7
Hours per time (hours)4
Hourly rate (NTD)On-campus teachers and students1300
Educational cooperation1950
other units2600
Remark1. Brand abbreviation: (Z) Zeiss
3. Number of appointments: four appointments per person per instrument within two weeks
4. In addition to the education and training of image core facilities held by the center, samples must be prepared for teaching appointments and certification exams (experimental data can be taken away), and the charge is the same as that of general computer use.
5. Charges are calculated on a half-hour basis.
  • If you have the following qualifications, the fees will be compared with [our school teachers and students]:
    (1) Branch schools (2) Co-employed teachers (3) Affiliated hospitals (4) There are plans to cooperate with the school and the plans are under the control of the school
  • If you have the following qualifications, the fee will be compared with the [Education Cooperation Unit]:
    (1) Part-time teachers (2) Teaching hospitals (Veterans General Hospital, Taipei City United Hospital, Yadong Hospital, etc.) (3) National Taiwan University System (4) Industry-University Operations Research Centers are stationed in manufacturers

The instrument is charged every half hour, bills will be billed at the end of every odd-numbered month, and within two weeks at the latest, please bring the payment slip to the cashier group of the administrative building to pay the bills and receive the receipt. If the number of overdue times reaches (including) two times, the laboratory will stop providing services.

  1. This unit disables the pen drive. Due to the limited space on the hard disk of the computer, in order to facilitate the normal operation of the instrument, the management personnel will delete the data from time to time. The center is not responsible for data storage, please forgive me.
  2. Without the consent of the administrator of the center,It is not allowed to add or remove any parts, change system settings and install software on the public instruments of the center without authorization. If any test is required for the experiment, the administrator's consent must be obtained first.Accompanied by the original engineer, the test will be carried out without harming the normal operation of the instrument. After the test is passed, it can be operated and used by the personnel approved by the administrator under the permission of the administrator of the center.
  3. According to the judgment of the administrator, the violator will be warned for the first time, cancel the right of use for one month for the second time, and cancel the right of use for the third time. The right to use for one month, and those who violate the rules will be banned forever.

Instrument introduction:EN_product-info_Elyra-7

Instrument Operation Manual:Manual (20230314 version)

Certification Operation Application Form:Certification form

Principle and Instrument Introduction: The New Era of Super-resolution Microscopy, Elyra 7

Contact Imaging Core

Ms. Pei-Jun Chen
Extension 65980 / Instrumentation Resource Center, 4th Floor, Biomedical Engineering Building

Ms. Yung-yu Lu
Extension 66185 / Room 639, 6th Floor, Library, Information & Research Building

This article was last updated on July 25, 2023

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