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Thermal Evaporator + Glove Box
Thermal Evaporator + Glove Box

  • Thermal Evaporator + Glove Box
    English abbreviation: TEG
    Brand: Shixin Technology
    Model: evaporation machine + glove box
  • Instrument expert: Professor Tan Zhishan
    ext 54146,Email
  • Instrument Operation Technician: Li Jiancheng
    extension 31490,Email
  • Instrument location:Nano Center Room R224

Instrument brand, model, purchase period
Brand: Shixin Technology
Model: Evaporation machine + glove box
Purchase period: 109 years

Important Specifications

  • A high-vacuum dual-chamber thermal resistance evaporation system and two four-handed glove boxes are integrated in series.
  • Thermal resistance evaporation system: can evaporate metal electrodes and organic semiconductor materials.
  • Glove box: microbalance, heating plate, spin coater.

service items
Evaporation and organic component fabrication.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 09:00 ~ 17:00
Contact person: Mr. Li Jiancheng

System open level
1. General working hours: Class D
2. Night and holiday period: not open

System open level description
service itemsService Contentacademic unitManufacturers and research units
Organic component fabrication and packagingComponents suitable for process anhydrous and alcohol-freeNT$10,000 /4HRNT$15,000 /4HR


  1. Since the component manufacturing process takes a long time, four hours is taken as a basic unit.
  2. Academic units refer to colleges and universities.

Management methods and use methods:

  1. Four hours of entrusted operation will be charged as one unit NT$10,000/4HR (academic unit).
  2. Four hours of entrusted operation will be charged NT$15,000/4HR per unit (manufacturer and research unit).
  3. Do not use water and alcohol solvents.

This article was last updated on January 9, 2023

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