【Important Information】Update on the description of the transfer method used in the school (applicable to the whole school)

In accordance with the regulations of the school's accounting office, the transfer of funds for intra-campus programs needs to fill in a unified format form from now on, and pay the center's equipment usage fees in the future. Please refer to the attributes of the equipment used (Core facilities for basic research of the National Academy of Sciences, public instruments on the Yangming campus, and common instruments on the Jiaotong University campus), go to"Form Download"And fill in the corresponding fund transfer application form.

Fill in the instructions as follows:

1. The form needs to fill in the following fields:

  1. 1. Fill in the date
  2. 2. Funds moved out:Please fill in the unit name, plan code, and purchase requisition number (seeDescription two), amount.
  3. 3. Instructions for the transfer of funds:
    1. A. Application content or project:The forms in this center are pre-filled, please do not delete them
    2. B. If you use the National Science and Technology Accounting Plan to pay, a receipt must be issued, and the payer must fill in the formRemoved program number (i.e. intramural funding number)) for write-offs.
    3. C. For those who use the core facilities for basic research of the National Academy of Sciences, if the payment is made by the National Academy of Sciences plan, please also indicate the project number of the payment (ie.MOST/NSTC program number) for write-offs.
  4. 4. Appropriation of funds:Please fill in the amount.

2. Requisition number:

  • please go toAccounting Online Purchase Requisition Service SystemPicking number: choose150,000 yuan(inclusive) the following direct write-off, add a new recipientInternal transfer(The code and name of the payee will be automatically brought into the "Internal Transfer" and do not need to be changed). After the data login is complete,It is necessary to print out the sticky deposit slip for the voucher of expenditure (the sticky deposit slip does not need to be stamped).

3. When paying the fee, please fully attach:

  1. payment notice
  2. On-campus unit fund transfer application form
    • Funds moved out of the unitThe stamp must be completed:Undertaker (faculty), program host, first-level supervisor (dean of the college), principal or authorized signer (dean of the college) 
  3. Expense voucher sticky note printed by the requisition system(no stamp required)

4. After the above documents and verification seals are complete, please send them to the Instrument Resource Center for write-off.

  • The fee for the use of core facilities for basic research of the National Academy of Sciences, and the fee for the use of common equipment on the campus of Jiaotong University→please sendInstrument Resource Center of Jiaotong University Campus.
  • Public equipment usage fee on Yangming campus: please sendYangming Campus Instrument Resource Center→R&D Office→Accounting Office.

If you have any questions, please contact the center staff:

  • Jiaotong University campus extension 31534
  • Yangming Campus ext. 62382

本文最後更新於 2023 年 9 月 19 日

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