[Jiaotong University Campus] The Instrument Resource Center is looking for a SEM project assistant

  1. 1. Job Title: Project Assistant
  2. 2. Work items:
    • (1) Assist in the management, maintenance and operation of scanning electron microscopes.
      (2) Commissioning services, personnel training and assessment of scanning electron microscopes.
      (3) Cooperate with the administrative work assigned by the Instrument and Assets Center.
      (4) Other temporary assignments.
  3. 3. Announcement period: from March 20, 2012 to March 31, 2012
  4. 4. Employment period: from the date of approval to December 31, 2012
  5. 5. Remuneration:
    • According to the National Yangming Jiaotong University project full-time staff salary payment standard table, the starting salary is 33,000 yuan/month for junior college degree, 36,570 yuan/month for bachelor's degree, and 41,040 yuan/month for master's degree. In case of special circumstances, the project host may adjust the proposed salary scale according to the comprehensive consideration of personal job content, professional skills, expected performance and other factors; relevant working years shall be processed in accordance with the regulations of the school.
  6. 6. Qualifications:
    • (1) Educational background: Graduated from a university or a master's degree, in a related field of science and engineering, preferably with a background in materials.
      (2) Expertise, relevant certificates or experience: experience in SEM practice is preferred.
  7. 7. Negative qualification conditions:
    • (1) Spouses, relatives within the third degree of blood, and relatives-in-law who are not the heads of agencies or executive units at all levels under the plan, plan hosts, co-hosts, and co-hosts.
      (2) Not having the status of being in school (except for on-the-job special classes, if the plan stipulates otherwise, it shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the plan)
      (3) There is no circumstance that Article 27-1 of the Gender Equality Education Law does not allow employment, appointment, employment or use.
      1. Sexual assault, or serious sexual harassment or sexual bullying.
      2. Sexual harassment or sexual bullying is not serious, but it is necessary to dismiss, remove from office, terminate the contract relationship or terminate the employment relationship, and after considering the circumstances of the case, it is decided that they will not be hired, appointed, or further employed for one to four years. Use or utilize.
  8. 8. Working hours: According to the relevant regulations of the school
    9. Work location: Guangfu Campus
    10. Others:
    • (1) Special leave: According to the provisions of the working rules of the school's appointment personnel.
      (2) Probationary period: The probationary period is 3 months. Those who pass the probationary period will be formally employed;
  9. 11. How to apply: Applicants should prepare the following materials, and indicate the title of application, and send an email to (email: yuffie@nycu.edu.tw) before March 31, 2012. Please indicate "Apply to Yangming Jiaotong University Scan Project Assistant for Scanning Electron Microscope” or mail to “Ms. Huang Xiuyin, Department of Materials, National Yangming Chiao Tung University, No. 1001, Daxue Road, Hsinchu City, 300”, please indicate “Apply for Project Assistant for Scanning Electron Microscope” on the cover of the letter (mail with postmark as by).
    • (1) The highest academic (experience) experience.
      (2) Photocopies of certification documents such as certificates, licenses, expertise, etc.
      (3) Personal autobiography and resume.
  10. 12. Inquiry: If you have any questions, please call (03) 5712121, ext. 55358, Ms. Huang Xiuyin.
    13. If the interview is notified, it must be confirmed that there are no circumstances that cannot be hired, appointed, employed or used as stipulated in Article 27-1 of the Gender Equality Education Act.
    14. Admission personnel should agree to provide schools and competent educational administrative agencies to collect, inquire, process, and use personal data during their employment, and agree to the Ministry of Justice, police agencies, and competent educational administrative agencies at all levels to provide relevant information.
    15. Remarks:
    • (1) One candidate is being selected and one candidate is being reserved. The waiting period is three months, counting from the day after the selection result is confirmed.
      (2) The results of this selection will select the best candidates for admission. If there are no suitable personnel, the vacancies may be filled.

This article was last updated on March 24, 2023

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