[Yangming Campus] One assistant engineer is recruited by the Instrument Resource Center

  1. 1. Job Title: Assistant Engineer
  2. 2. Work items:
    • (1) Administrative aspects: unit registration desk, writing official documents and assisting with administrative documents.
      (2) Teaching or research: conduct teaching and training courses on instrument operation, assist in the maintenance of the center's research instruments and equipment, and maintain research capacity.
      (3) Services: support the operation of imaging core facilities and flow cytometry core facilities professional technology, and provide core facility equipment and software operation services. Assist in maintaining the normal operation of the 5 common instrument rooms of the whole school at the same time, and cooperate with colleagues to inspect the instrument rooms at the station.
      (4) Others: Assist in the handling of instrument usage statistics and procurement operations and temporary assignments.
  3. 3. Announcement period: from March 27, 2012 to April 15, 2012
  4. 4. Employment period: from the date of actual report after approval
  5. 5. Remuneration:
    • According to the regulations of the school's salary standard table for contracted personnel (38,710 yuan/month starting salary, relevant working years will be mentioned in accordance with the school's regulations.)
  6. 6. Qualifications:
    • (1) Educational background: Graduated from a biomedical related department at master's level or above.
      (2) Expertise, relevant certificates or experience:
      • 1. Ability to operate fluorescent microscopes, confocal microscopes, flow cytometers or other expensive instruments.
      • 2. Ability to use computer word processing, instrument operation and data analysis software. More than one year of administrative experience and the ability to write official documents.
      • 3. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
      • 4. Teamwork spirit, take the initiative to assist in handling affairs.
  7. 7. Negative qualification conditions:
    • (1) The principal of the school or the supervisor of the unit to be employed shall not be related by blood or marriage within the degree of spouse or within the third degree.
      (2) Circumstances in which Article 27-1 of the Gender Equality Education Act cannot be hired, appointed, employed or used:
      • 1. Sexual assault, or serious sexual harassment or sexual bullying.
      • 2. Those who engage in sexual harassment or sexual bullying, unless the circumstances are serious, shall not be hired, hired, hired or used for 1 to 4 years after the resolution of the agency (institution).
    • (3) Not having the status of being in school (except for on-the-job special classes).
  8. 8. Working hours: According to the relevant regulations of the school
    9. Work location: Yangming Campus
    10. Others:
    • (1) Special leave: handled in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.
      (2) Probationary period: 3 months of probation is the principle. Those who pass the test after the probationary period expires will be employed according to the regulations; those who fail to pass the test will be suspended.
  9. 11. How to apply: Applicants should prepare the following materials, and indicate the title of application, and email to (email: ycirc@nycu.edu.tw) or mail to 112 Taipei City Beitou District Office before April 15, 2011 To the Instrument Resource Center of National Yangming Chiao Tung University, No. 155, Section 2, Nong Street (postmark for mailing).
    • (1) The highest degree.
      (2) Photocopies of certification documents such as certificates, licenses, expertise, etc.
      (3) Personal autobiography and resume.
    • (4) English test or supplementary information (if there is no one, it will be exempted).
    • ※Appointments are subject to interview. If the qualifications are not met or the admission is not accepted, the application will not be returned or notified.
  10. 12. If the interview is notified, it must be confirmed that there are no circumstances that cannot be hired, appointed, employed or used as stipulated in Article 27-1 of the Gender Equality Education Act.
    13. Inquiry: If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Jian in Yangming Campus (02) 28267000 ext. (62382).
    14. Remarks:
    • (1) If one is being selected, a maximum of two may be reserved.
      (2) As a result of this selection, if there are no suitable personnel, the vacancies may be filled.
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