The 2012 "Hongkang Science and Technology Industry-University Cooperation Program" application will be accepted from now until June 15, 2012. Please check and forward

1. Purpose of the plan:

In order to improve the cutting-edge service and quality required for analysis and testing in the process of developing new components and new materials, Hongkang Technology combines the research resources of various universities to provide high-level analytical instrument services, and the basic research core facility service center subsidized by the National Science Council Cooperate to promote relevant basic and applied industry-university research to strengthen research and development capabilities, promote industrial upgrading, and create a win-win situation for industry and academia.

Second, the promotion schedule:

From the 110th year of the Republic of China to the 114th year of the Republic of China, Hongkang Technology plans to invest NT$20 million per year to subsidize research projects on the development of high-tech products and manufacturing, packaging, testing and systems, using advanced analysis and detection technology as a means. The annual application period for the plan isFrom August 2 of the current year to July 31 of the following year.

3. Application period: from now until June 15, 2012.

4. Eligibility:

The project host must have the qualifications of the National Science Council plan host, and work in the institutions of the National Science Council Basic Research Core Facility Service Center (National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, Qing University, Yangming Jiaotong University, Central, Zhongxing, Chengda, Zhongshan Waiting for eight schools). Each person is limited to one application.

5. Application method:

Make documents in the format of the application form of the attached file plan, and mail the electronic file of the plan book to the administrative window of Hongkang Technology (Miss Lei Xiuling, 03-6116678ext: 4322,, please contact the technical window (Mr. Chen Hongren, 03-6116678ext: 3250,

Overdue, incomplete or non-compliant documents will not be accepted.

6. Submit the relevant operation instructions and forms of the project for reference. For details, please refer to the website of the project solicitation:

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