NSTC Basic Research Core Facility

National Science and Technology Council
Basic Research Core Facility

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Instructions for the use of the Reservation Management System of the NSTC Basic Core Facility

To make an appointment to use the NSTC basic core facilities of NYCU, please log in to the basic research core facilities reservation management system of the NSTC basic core facility. For the first use, please refer to the user manual, or call the business manager of the center, Ms. Xu (03-5712121#31534). Jiaotong University Guiyi

Offers (please click for details)

Some instruments in NYCU offer discount plans for experimental fees. Users are welcome to provide the published paper information that mentions the common use service plan number, instrument name or personnel service of the core facilities of the National Science & Technology Council implemented by NYCU to enjoy the discount.

Introduction of instruments in six fields

Laboratory tour

Hsien Chee Bio-ICT Building

Solid-State Electronic Building

Engineering Building VI

TKP Photonic Building

Science Building III

Science Building II

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